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Toyota GR Yaris Features

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Online pre-ordering is closed for now

Thank you! We have received extraordinary demand for the All-New GR Yaris. Online pre-ordering is closed for now. Please contact Preston Toyota directly for more information.

156kW/tonne power-to-weight ratio

156kW/tonne power-to-weight ratio

Double wishbone suspension

Double wishbone suspension

GR-Four All-Wheel Drive

GR-Four All-Wheel Drive

Carbon-fibre polymer, aluminium body

Carbon-fibre polymer, aluminium body

GR Yaris Design

Built from the ground up

A new and dedicated chassis, an enhanced suspension system and the GR-FOUR AWD system were the starting point for this lightweight powerhouse. Every detail was carefully considered in the quest for optimal performance.

GR Yaris Performance
Pre-production overseas model shown

1.6L Turbo Engine

The GR Yaris’ 3 cylinder engine produces 200kW and 370Nm thanks to multi-oil jet piston cooling, large exhaust valves and a part-machined intake port.


A homage to the championship winning Celica GT-Four, this is an advanced All-Wheel-Drive system. Optional high grade models allow the driver to make adjustments to torque balance to suit their driving.

Intelligent manual

Purpose built to handle high power and torque, this 6 speed gearbox features smart technology that matches revs to ensure smoother downshifts.

18-inch wheels

These lightweight dark alloys hold wide, low-profile specialty rubber.

Performance braking

With large, grooved front discs and four-pot calipers, these brakes are engineered to perform under extreme heat and high speeds.

Performance suspension

Built in tandem with its specialty chassis, the suspension system remains perfectly poised on every surface.

Aerodynamic styling

A lower roofline, an aggressive coupe profile and muscular rear arches all hint at the surefooted performance of this rally bred vehicle.

Coming 2021

Rallye Edition

Gr Yaris Rallye
Pre-production overseas model shown

In further homage to the WRC, the highly-exclusive All-New GR Yaris Rallye edition will be launching next year.

Red brake calipers

Red brake calipers


18" forged alloy wheels

GR circuit suspension

GR circuit suspension

Front & rear Torsen LSD

Front & rear Torsen LSD

Time spent out here

The intense pressure of motorsport is the ultimate testing ground, and there is no better environment to hone new technology or test a theory than a rally stage. We’ve spent decades competing in rally, all that time striving for greater speed, strength and reliability.

WRC Timeline

Toyota has a long history in rally, going back as far as 1957 when a Toyota Crown competed in the Round Australia Rally.

WRC Timeline

Current Word Rally Championship holder, with 58 Rally wins, 4 manufacturer championships and 5 driver championships over the history of WRC.

WRC Timeline

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing engineers strive for the ultimate performance under the toughest conditions.

WRC Timeline

Snow, ice, gravel and tarmac, the WRC Yaris needs to adapt and perform on every surface imaginable.





You feel it here

The GR Yaris is a direct descendant of our rally success and our greatest motorsport accomplishments. Sit behind the wheel and you’ll feel every second we shaved, every improvement and every win.




GR Yaris Motorsport
Pre-production overseas model shown. Final Range and specifications may differ from those depicted.
Pre-production overseas model shown. Final Range and specifications may differ from those depicted.

Make it yours

The All-New GR Yaris is no ordinary hatch. Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first to own this brand new Toyota in Australia.

Preston Toyota New Vehicles Manager

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